About us

Family farm Pratnemer provides honey bees, honey bee packages and honey, as well as fruit tree pollination service to interested buyers.  Pratnemer apiaries enjoy continental climate and are located in the north-west of Croatia, in Bjelovar county.

We keep our domestic Carnolian bees in multicorps hives which are most likely to succeed at honey production and honey bee packages production.

We’re breeding Carnolian queen bees (Apis mellifera) in smaller fertilizing compartments. If you’re looking for prime queen bee for your hive, you’re at the right spot: family farm Pratnemer has been named as one of the top five queen bee producers in Croatia since 2012.

We also provide honey bee packages that contain a mated, selected and young honey bee.

The main corps we use for our state awarded high-quality honey are acacia, linden and swamp meadow.

Fruit tree pollination by bees is another service we provide.