he honey we produce is of high quality and completely organic. It contains all the natural ingredients because it is not processed. In comparison to store bought honey, ours contain a significantly higher content of natural enzymes and vitamins. Our honey hasn’t been thermally processed, contains no additives and we can freely say that the honey we produce is “pure processed sun”. The honey is packaged according to the EU standards.


Acacia honey

Acacia honey is one of the most esteemed honey sorts due to its excellent medicinal properties. Our acacia honey has won golden medals on state level honey championships (organized by the Croatian Beekeping Association) for three years in a row; in 2010, 2011 and 2012. We haven’t attempted to test our honey in the following years, because three consecutive wins prove that our honey is of the highest quality.

We produce acacia honey from the acacia tree flowers, which is an extremely fruitful tree. Most people who usually don’t like honey tolerate the acacia honey taste well, because its taste is unobtrusive and very pleasant. It’s very effective in lessening stress and soothing the nervous system, which is why it is advised to use it with camilla tea in order to magnify the soothing effect. This appreciated honey sort can remain liquid for up to two years, because it contains more fructose than glucose.


Linden honey

Linden honey is made of sweet linden flower juice. It’s clear, almost colourless, with a very mild smell and taste. This honey won a gold medal on the state honey championship in 2010. In 2011 and 2012, it won a silver medal. Linden honey has effective antibacterial properties, it helps with sinus infections, boosts the immune system and helps to ward of unnecessary viruses. For its many immune boosting properties, linden honey is an ideal medicine against the cold and flu.


Swamp meadow honey

Swamp meadow honey is made from the nectar of various flowers that grow on the swamp meadows surrounding Bjelovar town. Due to the richness of that varied blend, swamp meadow honey has a rich nutritive value and a wide scope of use. This honey is widely consumed due to its mild taste, and it favourably affects stomach.

Honey Sort Weight Price in HRK / EUR
ACACIA 250g 25kn/4€
500g 50kn/7€
1kg 70kn/10€
LINDEN 250g 20kn/3€
500g 40kn/6€
1kg 50kn/7€
SWAMP MEADOW 250g 25kn/4€
500g 50kn/7€
1 kg 70kn/10€

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