Honeybee pollination of fruit tree crops

While honeybee fruit tree (or other crop) pollination is especially represented and held in high regard in Australia, USA and western Europe, this practice has yet to come around in Croatia and the neighbouring areas.

Of all the hymenoptera species, honey bees have the most significant role in pollinating crops. Up to 80-85 % of pollinating species are honeybees, and 15-20% are other pollinating species (bumblebees, solitary bees, butterflies etc.). None of these species can achieve as many flower visits as the honey bee can; honeybees from one colony visit up to 60 million flowers daily.

A good collaboration of beekeepers, fruit growers, winegrowers, plowmen and various vegetable growers is a prerequisite to achieve successful yields. Without such collaboration the bees may be harmed, and the yield will be weaker and the products of a lesser quality.

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